Suicide. A single word, which invokes fear, shame, misunderstanding, anger, confusion and a stigma equaling the weight of the Titanic. It will cause who you think are your closest allies to go running, so fast, it is as if they are being chased by the burning flames of a rapidly spreading bush fire. The word is associated with selfishness, … Continue reading THE STIGMA OF SUICIDE


A Child’s Perspective of Domestic Violence

I am not sure that I slept without the hallway light on until I was 14. The darkness seemed to inhibit my much needed hypersensitivity to noises. After all, if I fell fully asleep, I might not hear the shouting, screaming or cries for help. I had to remain aware at all times to try to help … Continue reading A Child’s Perspective of Domestic Violence

Your Last 24 Hours…

The world is your oyster. You have the ability to have or do anything you want...absolutely anything. Money is no object. You have your wildest dreams and fantasies at your fingertips, you can fulfill any whim on demand. It's a dream come true. Everything you have ever desired. The catch? You have 24 hours to live. A death … Continue reading Your Last 24 Hours…

You’ve Got This!

You think you can't. You can't possibly take any more. It feels painful and exhausting to take your next breath. You are encompassed in a darkness so black not even a star could shine through. You feel like your last finger is losing its grip on the rope that you've held on to for so long. … Continue reading You’ve Got This!