Your Last 24 Hours…

The world is your oyster. You have the ability to have or do anything you want…absolutely anything. Money is no object. You have your wildest dreams and fantasies at your fingertips, you can fulfill any whim on demand. It’s a dream come true. Everything you have ever desired.

The catch?

You have 24 hours to live.

A death sentence with the luxury of no confining bars or ever watchful guards. You are not physically ill and can’t buy a cure, or purchase your way back into life. Death is not negotiable nor discriminating. It will be back for you in one full day, leaving you to figure out what to do with your remaining time.

Would you travel to a sandy beach and relax with the sounds and scents of the ocean surrounding you, or would you head to the Alps to feel the adrenaline and freedom of skiing down the mountain? Perhaps you have a bucket list, and you would try to accomplish a few, or at least the most important things. Maybe you would head to Vegas and be reckless and carefree and drink your way to oblivion, after all, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Would you go on a shopping spree of luxurious cars, diamonds and lavish clothing, buying all the things you fantasized about as a child and adult. Surround yourself with the best material items that money can buy? Eat the finest foods and drink 100 year old whiskey, all just because you can. You could finally have everything you have ever desired, and things you didn’t even know you wanted.

Would that make you happy? To have lived like a King or Queen for your last 24 hours. Would those be the things you were thinking about when you draw your last breaths? Will you feel  you have accomplished something by acquiring all that you have, and being able to leave a material legacy to pass down.

24 hours.

Do you think any of that matters? Do you think money or purchased items will be on your mind as you lay on your deathbed? Do you think you will be happy you finally owned that Audi or 80 inch TV? Will being in Chanel clothing make your passing any better or be a last statement of pride and class? If so, perhaps it says a great deal about not only you, but how you lived your life…Striving to keep up with the materialistic pressures society forces on us.

Possessions don’t matter. You can’t take them with you. They become items to be fought and picked over by bickering family members, eventually landing in a box, garage or attic, or alternatively, disposed of once its purpose has been served.

24 hours.

What is it that really matters? What do you hold nearest and dearest to your heart and soul? Family and friends? Experiences and pleasures past lived? A long lost love or the comfort of your favorite blanket? The hugs, kisses, touches, words, tears, memories, sights, scents and sounds that have made your life the unique experience it is…those are the only true things that matter. The lives you have touched and the ones that have touched you, leaving a legacy that far surpasses anything money could buy.

24 hours.

So spend time with your loved ones. Tell your friends and family how you feel. Hug them, kiss them, talk to them and not just listen, but hear them. Do for others the things you were unable to do and always wished you could. Reach out and touch a life. Make someone else’s dreams come true…make a bunch of peoples dreams come to life. A simple smile, or acknowledgement can make a persons day. In the end it’s the smallest things in life that matter, not the big things we waste our life being consumed by.

So spend the rest of your days as if it were your last 24 hours, and make them count. Make the little things be the big things because the day could be your last.









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