Swallow My Pride

Sometimes life throws so much at us at once, we can no longer stand up without the assistance of others. We have to drop our guard, allow ourselves to be vulnerable and reach out for help regardless of our pride or shame. I had made it my whole life keeping both a roof over my head and employment until my breakdown over a year ago. The trauma of severe sexual abuse as an infant through to my early teens resurfaced and led me to a hospital trip where I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, Major Depression with suicidal ideations and self-harm, and severe anxiety. I have since been in therapy and on medication and am trying my best to heal, but life keeps piling it on and I no longer can see a way out without any assistance, which means dropping my pride, which for me, is the ultimate sacrifice. I am on insurance disability who is now threatening to kick me off in 8 weeks, as that is the time frame they have deemed that I will be better enough to go back to work. I wish that was the case as I truly don’t want to stay in the system forever, but the truth is I am simply not well enough yet. I had to move which increased my rent and I am now facing the possibility of having no income. I will need to get a disability lawyer to help me get the rest of the time off that I need to heal, but because disability is already limited funds and with having to move, I simply cannot do this on my own, and unfortunately I do not have family to turn to for help. I am asking with all sincerity and humility for any financial help anyone could provide to help me get a lawyer. Anyone who knows me knows I would never reach out in this manner unless I was desperate, and right now I am. My time off will not be in vain as I am going to be working towards a being a certified Trauma Recovery Coach so I can give back, and help others. I would be humbled with any assistance anyone could provide to give me a helping hand. I promise to return the favor tenfold. Thank you so much and please be well.



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