I Want You to Want to Live

        SUICIDE….Catch your attention yet? It’s a shame if it didn’t because the actions most certainly will. The rate of suicide is on the rise worldwide in all age categories. It affects all ethnicities, cultures and religions.  It is bias free. It is a last resort, a desperate attempt to quell the … Continue reading I Want You to Want to Live


Sometimes There Are No Reasons

    TRIGGER WARNING…Talks about suicide.   It was seven years ago tomorrow at 11:53pm that I found myself crumpled in a heap on the floor, covered in broken pieces of drywall and dust, with a jagged, rotten piece of wood to my side, complete with the hook that held the cord that was still … Continue reading Sometimes There Are No Reasons

A Sincere Thank You for Your Words

   I had my breakdown almost three years ago now. I was severely depressed and dealing with both active and passive suicidal ideations and although I had started therapy, I soon learned that an hour of support a week was not going to cut it. I didn’t know what I would do all those nights … Continue reading A Sincere Thank You for Your Words

The Anguish of our Self-Criticism

At what point in our lives did we become so self-critical.  Did we learn it or is it just inherent? Why are we so hard on ourselves and so much easier on others? Did we make some huge mistake we have never gotten over? Is it something someone said that stuck in our heads as … Continue reading The Anguish of our Self-Criticism

The Safety of my Comfort Zone

What is comfort? According to any dictionary, it, amongst other definitions, is a state of ease and satisfaction; a feeling of relief or consolation. It is that place where we feel safe and most soothed, one that is perhaps hard to describe to others but you know what it is and what brings you there. … Continue reading The Safety of my Comfort Zone

Suicide and Adoption, is There a Genetic Link?

Happy Monday to all my readers. I hope this note finds you all healthy, safe and strong. My monthly blog column at MindBodyThoughs is up if anyone wants to have a read. Thank you all for following me, it really is appreciated. Jody xxx http://mindbodythoughts.blogspot.com/2017/09/genetic-link-with-adoptees-and-suicide.html   Sent from my iPhone