A Miracle Drug for Depression?

  It is being touted as the new “super drug”, a true breakthrough in the treatment of Treatment Resistant Depression. It has just been approved for use and is the talk of the mental health community. It was discovered in 1962, first used on humans in 1964, and was approved for use in the United … Continue reading A Miracle Drug for Depression?

The Unspoken Reason behind My Tattoos

I have always been a lover of tattoos. I got my first one when I was 20 and have not looked back since. I currently have 13 (and counting) pieces of body art, each one reflecting a beginning or an ending or something that is close to my heart; each one representing a piece of … Continue reading The Unspoken Reason behind My Tattoos

Silence is a Killer

  As the numbers of deaths continue to rise at an exponential rate, it baffles me that we are still so afraid, so ashamed and embarrassed to talk about suicide. I don’t understand how the topic will trend on social media for a day or a week for World Suicide Prevention, and then suddenly, all … Continue reading Silence is a Killer

A Moment in a Mind in Crisis

TRIGGER WARNING... When I write my blogs, I usually choose a topic and attack it both personally and subjectively, and at those times, I am of relatively rational thought. By no means am I emotionally disconnected to what I write, I feel the words I put on paper in hopes you will feel them too. … Continue reading A Moment in a Mind in Crisis

Post-Outing Hangover

    A few weeks ago, I took myself completely out of my comfort zone and attended a Mental Health event that was hosted by a good friend of mine. The speakers were all people I either knew or were familiar with and the 100 or so attendees were all people dealing with or supporting … Continue reading Post-Outing Hangover

My Anti-Depressant Withdrawal in a Nutshell

  I have always been leery of mental health medications. Between the advertisements and the paper insert with the three reasons it may work, and the 150 possible risks ranging from nausea and headaches to blurry vision, tremors and death. The true irony being the warning that anti-depressants can actually increase suicidal thoughts and actions…isn’t … Continue reading My Anti-Depressant Withdrawal in a Nutshell

Looking for help with a media project

Hey there everyone, I hope this message finds you well. I need some help please...I have a media opportunity to meet one of my readers that has been helped by my writing, the article below specifically. I am looking for someone in NY or any of the surrounding states. If interested, please message me at … Continue reading Looking for help with a media project