Lost In the Darkness of the Jungle

    They say that without darkness there is no light, yet I see not even a glimmer of light right now, like it has dissipated into tiny particles and scattered into obscurity, leaving me surrounded in a blanket of gloom.  I feel like I have been dropped off in to the depths of the … Continue reading Lost In the Darkness of the Jungle


I Speak Because I Can

  I leave my social media private messaging open for anyone who may need a friendly ear or some advice and have received countless kind emails and messages from people of all ages, in all types of situations. It is humbling that random strangers can muster enough trust in me, also a random stranger, to … Continue reading I Speak Because I Can

Just an update

Hi everyone, I hope you are all well. I had an article published at Consumers Health Digest and have included the link should you want to read it. https://www.consumerhealthdigest.com/real-stories/the-stigma-of-mental-health.html.   I also did an interview which was turned into a short audio story on Soundcloud. The link is here... https://soundcloud.com/stream I will be back with … Continue reading Just an update

A Compelling Letter from Death

  I have travelled the world from coast to coast, over and over since the beginning of time. I have seen the blessings and the sufferings of all of mankind. I have seen the souls of men, women and children through war, disease and famine. I have no sense of discrimination or bias. I do … Continue reading A Compelling Letter from Death

What Depression Exhaustion Feels Like

  At some point, all people get tired. Sometimes it is a physically tired body that is run down and overworked and requires some rest to heal itself, other times it is an overwhelmed mind that needs some rest to clear out and organize thoughts. Often it’s a combination of both that drives us to … Continue reading What Depression Exhaustion Feels Like

BPD and My First 15 Minutes

  The moment my eyes open each morning, the same thoughts run through my head. Here we go again, another day of fighting non-stop battles in my mind, another day in which I begin the day as tired as I end it. The variations of thoughts that can overwhelm my mind in an instant have … Continue reading BPD and My First 15 Minutes