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We at Brave Wings Trauma-Informed Coaching and Crisis Peer Support are here for you. We will help you break through your trauma with empathy, compassion, safety, and absolutely no judgment. Trauma and Crisis Informed Coaching and Peer Support is a technique wherein the client is guided through their trauma to heal alongside fellow survivors.

Jody Betty is a Trauma-Informed Coach and a Certified Crisis Responder, with the skills to help people through the heightened period of their crisis. She provides validation and compassion from the viewpoint of both a leader and a peer, guiding people through an emotional crisis to a period of cool down and safety.

Coaches and Peer Support mentors are most useful when the client is able to contribute to their own recovery. Many people find this support helpful as an addition or replacement of traditional talk therapy, or as a form of support while waiting between appointments, or simply if you cannot afford traditional therapies. Mentors do not diagnose or prescribe treatments or medications.

As a coach and peer mentor, Jody helps set attainable goals with her clients in order for them to achieve the life they desire. She also provides education about trauma, crisis, and recovery, and unlike a clinical therapist, is able to share personal experiences to let her clients know they are not alone in their thoughts and feelings.

Jody helps clients shift their thinking in order to replace those negative thoughts and coping mechanisms with new, healthier perspectives and a new toolbox of coping techniques, thereby causing a shift in how they view both themselves and the world. Jody’s empathy, understanding, and knowledge have helped countless people work through their trauma to live happier, more fulfilled lives. Let go of the trauma with qualified help and understanding.

Contact Jody to discuss which services would help you the most.

Services provided include: 

  • Individual Trauma-Informed Coaching sessions (45 min – 60 min) where we will not only break down your trauma but break through it. (Zoom or Skype)
  • Coaching and Peer Support sessions also include emails of support and encouragement, informative handouts, and access to contact me during heightened moments of crisis.
  • Trauma and Crisis Peer Support Calls can range from 10  to 20 minutes and are scheduled at your leisure, or during a period of heightened crisis.

My rates start at $25 hourly however, I do work on a sliding scale, so please contact me at, or on Twitter @Startinganew13 for more information.

Stay safe and take care of yourselves and one another.

Jody Betty, Trauma and Crisis Informed Coaching and Peer Support

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