About Jody

Jody was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and spent the first 18 months of her life bouncing around the foster care system. It was during her time there, that she first experienced both physical and sexual abuse and severe neglect. After her adoption, she endured further sexual abuse, outside the home, for much of her childhood and early teenage years.

Due to the multiple traumas Jody endured, she spent many years in a deep depressive state, with active suicidal thoughts and self-harming behaviours. After the death of her mother at the age of 19, Jody was determined to move on and start fresh. She continued on with her schooling and life and eventually closed that chapter of the book. However, depression and anxiety continued to worsen over the years, until she finally hit her breaking point six years ago.

Jody was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, Major Depressive Disorder, Persistent Depressive Disorder, and Anxiety. She also deals with chronic suicidal ideations, and has survived multiple suicide attempts. The breakdown which led to the diagnoses was the turning point, and the beginning of her journey towards healing. She went through intensive trauma therapy, and took both CBT and DBT therapies. She also started on a course of medications.

 Jody is a Freelance Editor, and a best-selling author, having written a chapter in the best-selling anthology book, Healing the Little Woman Inside, Stories of Rebirth and Renewal. You can contact Jody directly to get a signed and personalized copy or purchase a copy on Amazon. Jody also hosts her own podcast, Mental Health Raw and Open which is available on all platforms.

Jody uses her knowledge and experience to support others on their healing journey.  She started coaching, with the goal of helping other survivors work through their trauma in a safe, empathetic, trustworthy and validating space. When not helping clients, Jody spends her spare time advocating for Mental Health, reading, writing, and following her other two passions, animals and soccer.

To set up a consultation with Jody, please use the contact form on Jodybetty.com or email her at jody_betty@hotmail.com.

Jody can be found on Twitter on Facebook or on Instagram. Her podcast can be found on all major platforms, as well as on the Raw and Open Podcast page on this site.


You can find Jody’s writings on her blog, as well as many other sites, including The Mighty The Mighty and Teen Vogue. Her article I Want You to Want to Live went viral, and continues to receive accreditation. It is now available in three languages, and has over a million hits. I receive messages daily from that blog post.



6 thoughts on “About Jody”

  1. Jody, I am a mental health advocate in Dubuque, IA. We are currently in a campaign blitz to eliminate suicide in our community and reduce the stigma that typically accompanies mental illness as a whole. I have battled and survived depression and anxiety for more than 50 years.
    The letter you wrote to give to people who are struggling. was spot on. I would like to include it as part of a toolkit that we are providing to our schools and businesses. Is this OK with you? Would you want us to adapt it in any way, or could we if we needed to? Let me know. Thanks for the wonderful work you are doing, and please let me know if there is anything I can do to support you. Thanks. Matt Zanger


    1. Hey Matt, sure you can use it. Will you be using my name? The only thing I ask is if you could throw a link back to my blog and to sicknotweak.com or #SickNotWeak.


      1. Hi Jody,
        I am JD. I just read your note about suicide on the Mighty which is what I think Matthew was talking about.
        I am a writer and thought the letter was beautiful.
        I would love to talk to you if that is possible.
        My email: julia.goldenberg@kingschoolct.org
        I go by JD
        thank you


  2. I just want to thank you for existing and leaving such a candid article on suicide and how it feels. If you have time to talk, I would be eternally grateful. If not, I understand that. Taking care of injured people can take a lot out of someone. I left an email in the spot where it tells you to ‘Fill in your details below’. Anyways, I hope you have a great year. Thanks again.


  3. Your aricle “If you don’t want to live anymore. .”, Made me feel a lot better than i was before i read it. I feel so alone but feel more fotunate than others in some ways so I feel weak for having such abandonment issues. It’s been very hard the past half a year from being homeless, living in a car for 3 months with my gf. I messed up a lot and even a chance to be working for a company I wanted to work at as a glass blower because of everything in my head. I feel no support from my gf even tho I understand I need to push harder in life but honestly my motivation is not there at all. We argue a lot and she says things to kill my confifdenfe and make me feel way low. It’s gotten to the point where I want to leave her real bad but I do love her alot. It’s annoying to try to make someone see something but when she’s angry she becomes very mean and doesn’t care what anyone says specially when she’s in the wrong, she becomes very immature but maybe I’m the dumb immature one for dealing with all this. She’s 22 and I’m 27, i understand the age gap but there are things we do connect specially sexually (sry if it’s too much info ). I just don’t want to focus on myself but what’s around me. My anxieties are bad and people fail to understand that, it’s like anxiety is a joke for people cause they don’t understand it..I just want to feel connected to something.


  4. Hey.. thank you. Not sure what else to say.. I’m at the end of my rope.. shoot I just at the least sprained my hand punching a wall earlier from being so mad at myself for almost giving in to that void that ever calls me closer to it’s sweet Melody… It’s hard… And I wouldn’t be here if not for you. I’ve googled “I want to die” and read your post on numerous occasions… So on behalf of my mom and dad as well as my dog and seven cats.. thank you. -Manic

    PS.. if you see this and have time I have left my email for you.. I’d appreciate it.. this has been a bad year and I could use someone to talk too..


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